Why Transit?

Transit moves more people on existing infrastructure

1 Bus = 40 Cars  & A 3 car LRT train = 600 cars



At Rush Hour buses move the equivalent of 1 1/2 lanes of traffic

Transit improves our region’s quality of life and convenience

It connects people to places that matter: 80% of rides are to work and school.  Nearly 40% of people who work in downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul take transit to their jobs.  2/3 of transit riders live in households with at least one automobile.
  Connecting people to places image

Transit supports prosperity and opportunities

Transit supports development.  Investing in transit attracts additional investment in our communities.  Transit is a good investment, with an excellent return on investment.

Investing in transit helps us compete with other regions

Convenient transit makes our region more attractive to future residents and ensures mobility. We are competing with other regions for talent and business investments. Successful peer regions recognize that, and are investing much more in their transit systems. 

Cents spent on transit by citie
total miles of LRT, Commuter Rail, BRT, and Streetcar

Transit investments do not compete with roads and bridges

Federal funds for transit are completely separate from funds for roads and bridges.  

BOTH roads and transit are integral parts of a regional transportation system

To keep up with growth the region will need by 2040:

  • 47 new bus lines and 76 expanded lines

  • 20 new rapid transitways