TAB Executive Committee

The TAB Executive Committee advises the Board on emerging transportation issues, new opportunities and initiatives, and Board legislative roles.

Committee members

The committee is composed of nine members:

  1. the Board Chair
  2. the representative of the Minnesota Department of Transportation
  3. the representative of the Metropolitan Council
  4. two members representing the county Board members
  5. one member representing the Board members from the cities of the first class
  6. two members representing the Board members from the remaining cities
  7. one member representing the citizen, modal and remaining agency Board members

Meeting dates

The TAB Executive Committee meets the third Wednesday of even months usually at 11:00 a.m. Please check the current agenda for the meeting's starting time.


Staff contacts

  • Jenna Ernst, Program Technical Specialist (651.602.1758)

Meeting agendas and minutes

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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
12/16/2020 Agenda    
10/21/2020 Agenda    
6/17/2020 Agenda    
4/15/2020 Agenda CANCELED  
2/19/2020 Agenda    
12/18/2019 Agenda    
10/16/2019 Agenda    
8/21/2019 Agenda    
6/19/2019 Agenda    
5/15/2019 Agenda    
4/17/2019 Agenda    
2/20/2019 Agenda    
12/19/2018 Agenda    
10/17/2018 Agenda    
8/15/2018 Agenda    
6/20/2018 Agenda    
4/18/2018 Agenda    
2/21/2018 Agenda    
12/20/2017 Agenda    
10/18/2017 Agenda    
8/16/2017 Agenda    
6/21/2017 Agenda    
4/19/2017 Agenda    
2/15/2017 Agenda    
12/21/2016 Agenda    
10/19/2016 Agenda    
8/17/2016 Agenda    
7/20/2016 Agenda    
6/15/2016 Agenda    
4/20/2016 Agenda    
2/17/2016 Agenda Minutes  
12/8/2015 Agenda    
10/21/2015 Agenda    
8/19/2015 Agenda Minutes