North Area Interceptor Phase 9 Project in Fridley

MCES Project No. 808690

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Project Update - September 24, 2018. See Project Updates below.

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Project Description

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services is making improvements to approximately one mile of aging and deteriorating regional sanitary sewer facilities that serves homes and businesses in Fridley. There are no direct costs or special assessments for this work, which is scheduled to take place from June 2017 to September 2018.

This project will rehabilitate approximately 4,000 feet of regional sanitary sewer pipe by installing a liner inside the existing sewer – a process called Cured In Place Pipe. Sewer manholes will be repaired or replaced as necessary along the way. Excavations will be needed at several manholes to install the new sewer liner and rehabilitate manholes.

Utility, road and bike trail impacts

Utilities will be temporarily relocated in order to complete the sewer work. For more information, visit Xcel Energy and CenterPoint.

The eastern side of the Mississippi River Regional Trail (bike trail) is now reopened.

North Area Interceptor Phase 9 Project in Fridley Project Map

North Area Interceptor Phase 9 Project in Fridley Project Fact Sheet

NAI Phase 9 - Fridley Story Map

This story map is an interactive map tour of the North Area Interceptor Phase 9 lining project in Fridley.  Scroll through the tour, complete with photographs and descriptions, to learn about this project's construction practices.


Project Updates

Project Update - September 24, 2018 345 kB

Project Update - August 7, 2018 346 kB

Project Update - May 10, 2018 369 kB

Project Update - April 12, 2018 430 kB

Project Update - January 31, 2018 368 kB

Project Contacts

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Call our project hotline: 763.400.3905

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