Golden Valley Interceptor Rehabilitation

MCES Project No. 805740

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Project Update - November 16, 2018.  See Project Updates below.

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Project Description

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES), operator of the metro-area wastewater collection and treatment system, is making improvements to aging and deteriorating regional sanitary sewer facilities that serve homes and businesses in the city of Golden Valley.

This project includes work at three different sites throughout the City of Golden Valley. Work on this project will vary by site, and includes: rehabilitating select maintenance holes, lining existing pipe (CIPP), and excavating old sewer pipe and replacing it with new pipe (open excavation).

The process used to line existing pipe is called Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP). This process crates a new pipe inside the existing pipe and usually quicker and less expensive than replacing pipe. This is done wherever it is feasible.

Sites that require installation of new pipe will have trenches dug to excavate and replace the existing pipe.

The work overall is expected to begin in spring 2018 and be completed by the summer of 2019. For more information, see the descriptions below of the three project site locations and view the project maps.

Site 1: Natchez Avenue - Map (PDF): Construction at this location will improve an approximately 650-foot section of a regional sanitary sewer near Natchez Park. Construction will begin with the replacement of a special odor control structure near the intersection of Natchez Avenue and Roanoke Road. Crews will then line (CIPP) the pipe along Natchez Avenue between Roanoke Road and Loring Lane.

Site 2: Toledo Avenue and Greenview Lane - Map (PDF): Construction at this location will improve an approximately 800-foot section of a regional sanitary sewer near Toledo Avenue and Greenview Lane. Some of the pipes will be lined (CIPP) and some must be removed and replaced with new pipe (open excavation). 

Site 3: Hidden Lakes - Map (PDF): Construction at this location will improve an approximately 120-foot section of a regional sanitary sewer that crosses under Hidden Lake Road near the intersection of Golden Valley Road. A new pipe will be tunneled under the road to allow the road to remain open to traffic, and will require an open pit on each side.

Project Updates


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