Set up your new sign-in for Metropolitan Council

The Met Council is increasing security for the way you sign into your work account when you’re away from your work site. With multi-factor authentication (MFA), you will use two steps to log in — not just enter your username and password.

You have some options about how to complete the second step. With all of them, you will receive and then submit a code that uniquely identifies you and no one else. Here are the available ways you can verify who you are:

  • By phone, with a text message or voice call on a mobile phone, or voice call on a regular phone
  • By using an authenticator app, which you initially download to your smartphone or tablet
  • By an email you receive on your desktop or laptop computer, your tablet, or your smartphone
    (The email cannot be received in a Met Council account – it must be a different account.)
  • By answering security questions that you receive on your desktop or laptop computer, your tablet, or your smartphone

Follow these instructions to set up the second sign-in step. It is recommended that this registration be completed from your computer or tablet. Have your smartphone or hand set close at hand and have it charged. Keep the instructions in view as you do this setup — a printed copy or with two screens or a split screen. Follow the on-screen instructions during registration; use these instructions as reference.

1. Go to the Microsoft MFA setup page.

2. The system will indicate that more information is required. Click the blue “Next” button.

Screengrab of the registration process that says that more information is required. Details in notes on the page.

3. Sign into your Met Council account.

  • Your username is your email address ([email protected]).
  • Your password is your standard computer password.
  • Click the blue “Next” button.

4. You will be prompted to start your registration in the next step.

Scereengrab of the Microsoft sign-in popup. Details in text on the page.

5. There are four verification options, and you must choose two to use. You will first see the two default options:

  • Microsoft Authenticator mobile app
  • Phone (via text or voice call)

You must choose one of these methods for your primary authentication. If you want these options as first and second preferences, respectively, skip to Step 7. Otherwise, read on and then go to Step 6.

The other two options are:

  • Security questions
  • Email
    Must be a non-Met Council email account. Microsoft strongly recommends using the Outlook app.

If you would like to use security questions or email, click “I want to set up a different method” at bottom left of the screen, for the method you want to replace.

Then go to Step 6.

Screengrab of the screen that describes steps to keep your account secure. Details in text on the page.

6. If you want different options, click the down arrows in each box. Make your selections following the on-screen instruction.

When finished, click the blue “Confirm” button.
Click “Next” for each method and follow the prompts on the screen.

Screengrab of the option to choose a different method. Details in text on the page.

7. Once you’ve confirmed your verification methods, you will see green checks on the right side.

You can now click the blue “Done” button.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve selected your verification methods, you’re ready to set them up.

For setup instructions, click on the methods you chose:

Screengrab of the success page. The information at the top still says Keep your account secure, and the success confirmation is below.


If you need assistance setting up MFA, please talk to your manager or supervisor, or call the Service Desk at 651-602-1498 (Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Updated October 2022