The Council helps strengthen our region’s communities, plan for the future, and open up new opportunities for their residents. We provide grants to boost job creation, the local tax base, and affordable housing. We assist communities as they prepare their long-term comprehensive plans to guide their future growth and revitalization. 

The Council's Community Development Committee addresses issues involving development and implementation of Thrive MSP 2040, Metro HRA operations, Livable Communities Act grants, and regional park plans and grants.

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Job Creation

Estimated 37,000+ jobs created or retained with help of Council’s Livable Communities grants (since 1996)
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Affordable Housing

4,000+ affordable housing units built or rehabilitated, through Livable Communities grants (since 1996)
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Local Tax Base

2000+ acres of polluted land cleaned up for development, assisted by Council’s Livable Communities grants (since 1996)

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