Housing Initiatives & Projects

Mixed Income Housing Calculator 


The calculator is prepopulated with regional data and allows users to explore the relationship between various local incentives and the development of mixed income housing. More about the Mixed Income Housing Calculator. 

Manufactured Homes in Washington CountyManufactured Home Park 

Preservation Project 

Redevelopment pressures, aging infrastructure, and locations near major transportation infrastructures threaten the region's Manufactured Home Parks, and important source of affordable housing. More about the Council's MHP Preservation Project.


Livable Communities Program

The Council’s Livable Communities program helps expand affordable housing opportunities and strengthen connections among housing, jobs and services. The program provides grants to:

Apt Building
Clean up contaminated sites for redevelopment, creating jobs and producing affordable housing. More about Tax Base Revitalization grants.
Apt Building
Produce and preserve affordable housing choices for people with low to moderate incomes. More about Local Housing Incentives grants.
Retail Building
Support development and redevelopment that links housing, jobs, and services and demonstrates efficient and cost-effective land and infrastructure use. More about Livable Communities Demonstration grants.