Water Quality Management

Metropolitan Council protects water quality, public health

MCES develops plans to preserve and manage the region's water resources

The Council's legislated requirements ensures that the regional wastewater system collection and treatment meets EPA  and PCA permitted standards.  Additionally through the 2030 Water Resources Management Policy Plan, the Council is committed to identifying water supply and water quality challenges, and address them through strategies which include working with partners and an integrated approach.

Looking for additional water data and information?  See the Key Water Information Catalog.Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) implements a variety of strategies to meet the Council's policy of achieving no adverse impact on the region's water quality.  MCES provides water quality monitoring and analysis on the region's lakes and rivers; partners with public, private and nonprofit groups to improve water quality;  reviews watershed planning and management, and conducts activities around water supply planning.  MCES's work is guided by the 2040 Water Resources Management Policy Plan, a chapter of the Metropolitan Development Guide.  The guide details the Council's policies and strategies for coordinating the orderly and economic development of the region.

MCES' approach to water quality concerns relies on a watershed focus to control pollution from point (specific) and nonpoint (diffuse) sources, bringing together agencies and organizations in partnerships for collaborative planning and implementation.  Key activities and information provided by MCES in water quality are: