Water Quality Management

Metropolitan Council protects water quality, public health

MCES develops plans to preserve and manage the region's water resources

Taking water samples from a stream.Residents of the Twin Cities metro area count on clean drinking water. They value the water quality of the region’s lakes, streams and rivers. While many public, private and nonprofit organizations have a role in protecting water quality, the Council is responsible under state law for developing an overall, regional approach to water planning and management.

The Council’s 2040 Water Resources Policy Plan lays out strategies to address water quality challenges. We work with our partners using an integrated approach. The goal is for human activity to have no adverse impact on water quality.

MCES approaches water quality with a watershed focus to control pollution from point (specific) and nonpoint (diffuse) sources. We bring together agencies and organizations in partnerships for collaborative planning and implementation.

Key water quality activities and informationLooking for additional water data and information?  See the Key Water Information Catalog.

The Clean Water Fund Roadmap outlines ambitious ye
The Clean Water Fund Roadmap outlines ambitious yet achievable goals for protecting and restoring Minnesota’s water resources during the 25-year life of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.