Regional Solicitation

Allocating federal funds to meet local and regional transportation needs

As the region's federally-designated Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Council works with the Transportation Advisory Board every two years to administer the Regional Solicitation and distribute federal transportation funds. Locally initiated projects are selected based on how each project meets regional transportation needs. These projects also help implement regional transportation and development policies described in the Transportation Policy Plan. 

Federal funds are available for roadway, bridge, transit capital and operating, and bike and pedestrian projects. The Met Council, Minnesota Department of Transportation, transit providers, local governments, and other agencies like the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency can all submit project proposals. 

The criteria and measures for evaluating project applications and the solicitation process are reviewed and updated every two years through the region’s cooperative planning process, and the revised application is adopted by the Transportation Advisory Board. Project applications are solicited, reviewed, scored, and ranked through this process. 

Once selected, the board sends the recommended program of projects to the Met Council, which either approves the recommendation or sends it back to for reconsideration. The selected projects are then included in the next draft of the Transportation Improvement Program.

Highway Safety Improvement Program 

The Transportation Advisory Board also approves the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program funding. These projects promote safety by addressing design elements to reduce crashes, particularly those of a severe nature. 

The 2020 Regional Solicitation, awarded about $200 million in federal transportation funds to 56 projects in 36 different cities and townships, and all seven counties throughout the region. 

The next full Regional Solicitation and Highway Safety Improvement Program solicitation will take place starting in the spring of 2022 for projects seeking funding for 2026 and 2027.

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