Regional Solicitation Evaluation

Active Transportation Work Group Activities

Regional Solicitation Evaluation:

The Regional Solicitation Evaluation will evaluate and redesign the entire Regional Solicitation program and process for selecting projects for federal transportation funding in the seven-county metro area.  The purpose of the Regional Solicitation Evaluation is to tie federally funded project selection closely to the vision, goals, and objectives of the 2050 Regional Development Guide (RDG) and the 2050 Transportation Policy Plan (TPP), which are both currently being updated and will be adopted in 2025. More information will be made available on the process soon.

As part of the Regional Solicitation Evaluation, multiple working groups will meet to discuss specific topics in 2024. In 2023, the Minnesota Legislature enacted legislation that provides additional funding for active transportation in the region. These new funds will be distributed by the TAB. A working group has been created to provide recommendations to TAB for how to distribute this funding in the region. Meeting materials and notes can be found here.