Local Planning Assistance

Our staff of sector representatives and other professional planners are pleased to assist local governments with updating, amending, and implementing their local comprehensive plans. Our staff can help you work through planning issues, connect you to technical staff at the Council, and provide advisory resources and examples to aid you in your planning process. The map below shows sector reps contact information and their districts. Examples of some of the types of technical assistance that staff can provide include:

Map of Council Districts and the Sector Rep assigned to each district. Link to larger map.
  • Answering questions about various Council programs and resources, and connect you to appropriate Council staff as needed

  • Early reviews of proposed comprehensive plan amendments, even during the early development of the amendment before public hearings

  • Helping you understand the comprehensive plan amendment process, and how to bring it through your local approval process

  • Connecting you to planning and ordinance examples from around the region on various topics

  • Participating in technical advisory committees on various planning projects, such as environmental reviews, feasibility studies, and station area plans

  • Integrating your station area plan, small area plan, or neighborhood plan into your overall comprehensive plan

  • Helping you understand how regional policy applies to your community specifically

Other resources and assistance that Local Planning Assistance provides are listed below.

Planning Resources
Comprehensive Plan Materials
System Statements
Plat Monitoring Program
Metropolitan Agricultural Preserves Program