Local Planning Assistance

Meet the Local Planning Assistance Team

The Local Planning Assistance team members come from various professional backgrounds including planning, zoning, engineering, and law. We are pleased to assist local governments with updating, amending, and implementing their local comprehensive plans. We can help you work through planning issues, connect you to technical staff at the Council, and provide advisory resources and examples to aid you in your planning process.


Our mission is to provide technical assistance to local communities, collaborate with regional partners, and help develop policies to support a natural and built environment that fosters equitable and sustainable outcomes. 


We envision equitable policy, planning, and decision-making processes at the regional and local level that result in tangible benefits and opportunities for all residents of our region. We seek to achieve this by becoming leaders who prioritize the needs of people and the environment, help develop proactive policies, and provide strategic technical assistance. 



As public servants, we strive to provide proactive, personalized, and reliable technical assistance. We aim to effectively and efficiently identify thoughtful solutions with the people of this region and carry out our work with integrity.


Our work is possible because of relationships built on trust and intentional collaboration with a wide array of local and regional partners. We treat all people with respect, listen to all perspectives, and work transparently to foster existing relationships and form new partnerships.


We acknowledge the government’s role in creating systems of racism and oppression. We center our work in racial justice to repair harm to communities most affected by these inequities. Our work must be systemic and sustainable to meaningfully effect change.


We challenge ourselves to be bold and lead by example. We take a creative approach to our work and set ambitious goals to effectively promote positive outcomes for the region. We achieve these goals through equitable, sustainable solutions grounded in regional policy.


We seek continuous improvement to adapt to the evolving needs of the region. We take responsibility for our work and learn from our partners. We pursue opportunities to receive feedback to ensure the prosperity of the people we serve and accomplish regional goals.