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The region's vision for transit

The Council is committed to ensuring all residents' viewpoints are represented when making transportation planning decisions, and does extensive outreach to ensure all voices are heard. Twin Cities residents say they envision a region with more connected communities, more transportation choices, more investment in transportation – for highways, transit, biking, and walking – as well as a transportation system that is maintained and managed effectively.  See a video on our transit vision and the value of a modern, connected transportation system.


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Planes, trains, cars, bikes and more

The Council works with state, regional and local partners to plan a multi-modal transportation system that provides options for all, and enables us to complete in the global economy while supporting the regional economy

The Council and its Transportation Advisory Board serve as the region's Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), as required by federal law.  More about the transportation planning responsibilities of the Council and its partners.

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Distributing federal funding

Working with the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB), we distribute federal funding for regionally significant transportation projects. These projects become part of the region's four-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), updated at least every two years. We work with several other agencies and a variety of citizens and advocacy groups in developing the TIP.