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Metropolitan Transportation Services and transportation planning contacts




Metro Mobility customer service Customer Service 651-602-1111 (TTY 651-221-9886)
Transit Link customer service Customer Service 651-602-5465
Metro Transit customer service Contact 612-373-3333 (TTY 612-341-0140)
Highway planning  Steven Peterson 651-602-1819
Multimodal planning  Cole Hiniker 651-602-1748
Air quality planning Jonathan Ehrlich 651-602-1408
Regional Solicitation for transportation projects Steven Peterson 651-602-1819
Travel forecasting Jonathan Ehrlich 651-602-1408
Bicycle/pedestrian and freight planning Steve Elmer 651-602-1756
Aviation planning activities Joseph Widing 651-602-1822
Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) coordination Elaine Koutsoukos 651-602-1717
Other questions David Vessel 651-602-1646