Transportation Committee

The Council's Transportation Committee addresses issues concerning transportation and aviation policy and planning, transit operations, Metro Mobility and ride-sharing programs.

The Transportation Committee meets the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month at 4 p.m.

  • January through June - meetings at Robert Street

  • July through December - meetings at F.T. Heywood

Members: Katie Rodriguez - Chair, Lona Schreiber - Vice Chair, Deb Barber, Jon Commers, Gail Dorfman, Steve Elkins, Cara Letofsky,  Marie McCarthy, Jennifer Munt, and Edward Reynoso. More about the Council Members.

Staff Contacts:  
  • Nick Thompson, Director of Metropolitan Transportation Services (651.602.1754)

  • Brian Lamb, General Manager of Metro Transit (612.349.7510)

  • Jenna Ernst, Recording Secretary (651.602.1758), January - June

  • Becky Davidson, Executive Assistant / Recording Secretary (612.349.7515), July - December

Note: Minutes are not final until approved at the following meeting.
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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
11/12/2018 Agenda  
11/7/2018 Agenda  
10/22/2018 Agenda  
10/17/2018 Agenda Minutes
10/8/2018 Agenda Minutes
9/24/2018 Agenda Minutes
9/10/2018 Agenda Minutes
8/27/2018 Agenda  
8/13/2018 Agenda Minutes
7/23/2018 Agenda Minutes
7/9/2018 Agenda Minutes
6/25/2018 Agenda Minutes
6/11/2018 Agenda Minutes
5/28/2018 Agenda  
5/23/2018 Agenda Minutes
5/14/2018 Agenda Minutes
4/23/2018 Agenda Minutes
4/9/2018 Agenda Minutes
3/26/2018 Agenda Minutes
3/12/2018 Agenda Minutes