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Yassin Osman

Metropolitan Council Member, District 7  |   See District 7 map and cities


Yassin Osman lives in Minneapolis and represents District 7, which includes portions of the City of Minneapolis north of I-394 (excluding the eastern Bryn Mawr neighborhood), east and north of I-94, except portions north of Franklin Avenue in south Minneapolis.

Osman is committed to building an equitable and prosperous region for all through his work as a Met Council member. He believes that authentic stakeholder and community engagement, based on accountability, active listening, and responsiveness, are key to ensuring that all voices are heard and represented in the Met Council’s work. 

Osman brings a wealth of experience as a senior advisor to the Office of the Prime Minister of Somalia, spearheading groundbreaking anti-corruption initiatives. Notably, he championed the shift towards digital identification and the implementation of E-government legislation. In addition to his national-level work, Osman is deeply entrenched in community affairs in the vibrant Somali Community in Minnesota. Osman owns and operates a small logistics business, where he manages logistics operations and resolves conflicts between contractors and customers. Osman’s multifaceted contributions reflect his unwavering commitment to both public service and community empowerment.

Contact Information
390 Robert St. N.
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 612-487-1204

[email protected]


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