Frontline Workers

Metropolitan Council services are essential to this region’s economic vitality. Our workers treat the wastewater we all flush down our drains and toilets every day. They provide rides to people going to work, doctor’s appointments, and sporting events. They help elderly people and working families find housing they can afford.

Throughout the pandemic, the majority of Met Council employees worked on site — on buses and trains, at maintenance garages, wastewater treatment plants, and down in the sewers. These workers put themselves at risk to make sure our essential services could be delivered. They may be humble, but they showed up — like they always have — to get the work done. We’re proud of them.

Javier T.

Metro Transit bus operator

"A lot of people are still using the bus to go to work. I prefer to help people because Metro Transit is going to still work and help a lot of people. And I'm going to be there because it's my job. I love my job and I like to drive. I like to help people."

Andy Scott

Construction inspector

"The way that I do my work changed dramatically diving in during the beginning of the COVID times. It was kind of being like being thrown on an island. Everybody's had to make adjustments. Yes, it is essential; yes, it is important. We are aware of that, but I don't think that's something most people really dwell on, especially essential and front-line workers. It's just something that we do."

Tasha Belshan

Metro Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA)

"Our HRA really worked hard to help families through this difficult time in a manner that allowed them to stay safe in their home and not lose out on any housing opportunity."

Mark Kuhlman

Lift station crew

"If we weren't able to perform our job, things would be backing up into the environment, sewage would overflow, polluting the groundwater and getting in people's basements. Things would be very bad. We definitely got our job done, and we were happy to do it."

Brad Warm

Construction inspector

"The most challenging part for me, as a construction inspector, was trying to maintain a distance with somebody, trying to go through plans and specifications. I don't want to say that without a construction inspector being on site, it couldn't happen, but it just helps ensure the integrity of the project is upheld."