Community Programs & Services


Map of 7-county Twin Cities metro area.

Coordinating local and regional planning

Cities, townships and counties in the seven-county area are required by the Metropolitan Land Planning Act to prepare comprehensive plans for the future of their communities. These plans show how the community will meet its needs in the coming years for transportation facilities, wastewater service, natural resource protection, parks and housing. 

The Council helps communities meet state requirements as they plan for the future. The Council provides information and assistance to coordinate communities’ comprehensive plans with regional transportation, wastewater and park systems and other regional policies.

Collage of Council staff photos and link to video interviews.Council staff

  • Coordinate review of local comprehensive land use plans and environmental documents

  • Provide professional planning and technical assistance

  • Offer cities assistance for implementing local plans and programs, and help in resolving issues 

Meet the staff

See brief video interviews with some Council staff who assist communities in their planning, support people seeking affordable housing, and more. 

Resources for communities

The Council provides communities with extensive tools to help them plan their future. The tools include: 

Support, resources, coordination

In addition to providing planning assistance, the Council: