Social Media Statement

for the Metropolitan Council (including Metro Transit and the Metro Transit Police Department) and related services


Our social model channels provide opportunities for individuals to learn more about our organization and interact with us online. See all of our social media channels.


Met Council social media sites are not intended to be traditional open public forums. The sites are opened for limited discussion of topics relevant to the Met Council and supported by content we generate or share from partners or others. The Met Council may allow for others to provide content on our social media channels, as a limited public forum for the Met Council, as set forth below.

Individuals engage and participate at their own discretion and take responsibility for their comments and information they provide. Comments made by individuals or entities are the opinions of those individuals or entities and are not necessarily our views.
We encourage users to interact with us and one another via our social media channels. Users are welcome to post questions, comments, or concerns, but as an online discussion site and not a public forum, we reserve the right to delete comments that include one or more of the following elements:

  • Obscene, indecent, or profane language, hate speech, threats, or pornographic images/links
  • Promotion or encouragement of illegal activity
  • The solicitation, promotion, or endorsement of specific commercial services, products or entities, including promotion of political campaigns and candidates
  • Spam posts
  • Information that is not public, or information that compromises the safety or security of our employees or Met Council members
  • Off-topic comments

We take public comments seriously and will consider comments. Removal of data from a social media platform does not mean that the comments were not given appropriate consideration.

We do not block users from our social media channels. However, we may report content that violates the social media platform’s policies to the social media platform.

These rules are subject to amendment or modification at any time.

Our commitment to you


All written communications with the Met Council, Metro Transit, and Metro Transit Police Department – including on social media – are subject to Minn. Stat. Chapter 13, the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. Generally speaking, social media and email interactions are public information and are subject to disclosure. We recommend that you do not include confidential personal information when interacting with our social media accounts.

To comply with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act and other laws, including copyright laws, we may limit or remove information from social media platforms. For example, we may limit or remove private information pertaining to our staff, whose personnel data are generally protected under the act.  We may also remove any Met Council data that is not public and may have been obtained through a data breach.


Accessible content is our priority. If you notice inaccessible content on our web or social media platforms, please send us a message on the social platform where you noticed it, or email [email protected].

Media inquiries

If you are a member of the media seeking information, publication, or republication permission, formal comment, or an interview with Met Council, Metro Transit, or Metro Transit Police Department staff, please contact:

  • Met Council: Bonnie Kollodge, Media Relations Coordinator
  • Metro Transit: Drew Kerr, Communications Manager
  • Metro Transit Police Department: Nikki Muehlhausen, Public Information Officer