Parks Policies & Planning

Collaboration with regional partners pays off

Truly a shining star in the Twin Cities, the regional parks system has thrived over four decades through a unique collaboration among public sector agencies across the area.
The regional parks system began with pioneering state legislation in 1974 that gave the Metropolitan Council responsibility for overseeing acquisition and development of regional parks. The Council works with 10 partner cities, counties and special districts that operate and maintain day-to-day functions at each park in their jurisdiction.

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2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan

The Met Council adopted the 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan on November 28, 2018. The plan describes how we, in collaboration with our partners, will

  • expand the regional parks system
  • provide a comprehensive regional park and trail system
  • promote expanded multimodal access
  • strengthen equitable usage of regional parks and trails by all residents

Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission

In coordination with 10 regional park implementing agencies (counties, cities and special park districts), the Commission helps the Council develop a long-range plan and an acquisition and development program that includes funding priorities for regional parks. See MPOSC members, meetings and minutes.