Parks Funding & Finance

Funding the regional parks system

The Council allocates state and regional funds for ongoing acquisition, development and non-capital projects such as environmental education for the parks system. Between 1974 and 2014, the Council authorized a total of $626.9 million in grant funds for those purposes.

Funding for the grants comes from state bonds, regional bonds issued by the Council, monies from the Minnesota Environmental Trust Fund (recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources), Land and Legacy Fund monies, and interest earnings.  

See Celebrating 6 Years of Legacy Parks and Trails Success (pdf).

Park Acquisition Opportunity Fund grants

Park Acquisition Opportunity Fund (PAOF) grants are intended to help regional park agencies acquire land within Metropolitan Council-approved regional park and trail master plan boundaries.  These grants finance up to 75% of acquisition costs within a limit per park agency and require matching funds to finance 25% of the costs. 

More about the PAOF grant application process, and the rules that guide the disbursement of PAOF grants (pdf).

Operation and maintenance funds

The Council also allocates state funds to regional park implementing agencies - metro area cities, counties and special park districts -  to cover a share of the cost of parks operation and maintenance every year. In 2016, the Council distributed almost $9 million to the 10 park implementing agencies for parks operations and maintenance, which covered about 9% of their costs.

The Council provides the Minnesota state legislature with an annual report detailing how funds have been used to support the regional parks system. 

2014 Metropolitan Regional Parks Capital Improvement Projects Funded from 2014 State and Metropolitan Council Bonds (5 pages, pdf)

Legacy Amendment logo; link to Council projects that received Legacy Amendment funding.Minnesota’s Legacy

Through the Clean Water and Legacy Amendment, the Council has awarded over 200 grants to the ten Regional Parks Implementing Agencies for regional park and trail projects. See a list of these grants on the Clean Water and Legacy Amendment website.