Events and Activities at Regional Parks

Artistic illustration of a park with geese, a bike, picnickers, swimmers, and more.Summer scavenger hunt

It’s time for the Regional Parks Summer Adventure, a metro-wide, digital scavenger hunt using the GooseChase app!

Missions are listed alphabetically by the 10 regional park agencies and then separated by park. You can search for specific parks or agencies. Each mission also has a link to the park’s website for more information. Try to complete all the missions, or just check off a few!

You can play as a team on one phone, or use multiple phones to participate.

We hope you have a ton of fun playing and learn about some hidden gems of our regional parks system!

How to play

  1. Download the free GooseChase iOS or Android app

  2. Choose to play as a guest, or register for a personal account with a username and password.

  3. Search for our game, Regional Parks Summer Adventure! (or enter game code D7QZQ6).

  4. Follow the prompts to create or select a team, or to create or select an individual player profile.

Download instructions from GooseChase (PDF)

Parks included in the GooseChase

These parks are included in the Summer GooseChase. For information about parking and amenities, visit that park's website.

Contact us

If you have any questions or issues, email Emily Dam at

Regional Parks Adventure Guide PDF, 9 MB.

Ready for an adventure?

Our 64 regional parks are open all year long!

To help you get outside and explore, we've created an adventure guide that lists all of the parks, along with activities and challenges. It's a great tool to continue exploring the outdoors.

In the Twin Cities, you can get to any of our parks within an hour.