Featured Regional Parks

Creating community and places to thrive

It’s a long and storied love affair that Twin Cities residents have with regional parks, like the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes and Lebanon Hills Regional Park. It’s no wonder. They enhance our communities, provide a connection to nature, offer peace of mind and a place for all to gather and play.

Over the years, the metro area has committed tens of thousands of acres to a robust network of regional parks and trails, park reserves, and special recreation features, like the Noerenberg Gardens on Lake Minnetonka, Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista, and Como Zoo and Conservatory in Saint Paul.

It’s an allegiance to natural and recreational space that is second to none, amassing many millions of visits every year, and a gift for generations to come.

Regional parks are a treasure for all to explore and enjoy.

Metro Masterpiece: Silverwood Park

Silverwood Park is among the many gems in the region’s 55,000-acre park system, located on the shimmering Silver Lake in St. Anthony. Take a tour with Ellie and Amanda!

November 18, 2020