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Policy contacts

To share your opinions on water and wastewater-related issues, contact your Council Member, an Environment Committee Member, or call our Public Information line at 651-602-1500.

Wastewater & water contacts

Contact information is listed by environmental topic. If your topic is not listed, please contact general information by email or at 651-602-1269.




General MCES Information

Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) Jessica Nye 651-602-1770
Sewer and Pump Station Emergencies and Backups
(available 24 hours)
Regional Maintenance
Sewer Spill Reporting (available 24 hours) Minnesota State Duty Officer 800-422-0798
Odor Complaints (available 24 hours) Odor Response Line 651-602-4511
Sewer Planning & Construction Projects Tim O'Donnell 651-602-1269
Procurement/Purchasing/Bid Documents Miriam Lopez-Rieth 651-602-1095
General Questions/Information Tim O'Donnell 651-602-1269

Environmental Education

Tours, Speakers Britni Kesseling  

Rates and Fees

Accounts Payable/Receivable Chris Houser 651-602-1189
Finance Management Matt Gsellmeier 651-602-1802
Industrial Charges/Permit Fees Nanette Ewald 651-602-4767
Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) Jessica Nye 651-602-1770
Sewer Bills Ned Smith 651-602-1162
Sewer Flow Volume Kyle Colvin 651-602-1151

Regional Wastewater System

Air Quality Monitoring George Sprouse 651-602-8771
Biosolids Management Craig Edlund 651-602-8383
Capital Projects (Interceptors) Adam Gordon 651-602-4503
Capital Projects (Plants) Rene Heflin 651-602-1077
Chemical Disposal Tim Rothstein 651-602-4724
Chemical Right-to-Know Terry Gilchrist 651-602-1193
Compliance Terry Gilchrist 651-602-1193
Dumping/Landfill Info Terry Gilchrist 651-602-1193
Encroachments Tim Wedin
Chris Remus
GIS/Interceptor Capital Project Maps Steven Hack 651-602-1469
Groundwater/Landfill Leachate Disposal Michael Flaherty 651-602-4715
Household Hazardous Waste Ann Postera 651-602-4765
Inflow/Infiltration - Flow Information Walter Atkins 651-602-1173
Industrial Strength Charge Nanette Ewald 651-602-4767
Industrial Waste Discharge Permits Nanette Ewald 651-602-4767
Laboratory Services Dave Fuchs 651-602-8115
Metering-Community Sanitary Sewer Pat Payne 651-602-4319
Research and Development George Sprouse 651-602-8771
Sewer and Pump Station Emergencies and Backups
(available 24 hours)
Regional Maintenance
Septage Disposal Laura Engen 651-602-4712


Interceptor Connection and Modification Permit Tim Wedin
Chris Remus
Effluent (Wastewater) Terry Gilchrist 651-602-1193
Emissions (Air) Terry Gilchrist 651-602-1193
... Solid Waste
... Hazardous Waste
Terry Gilchrist 651-602-1193

Water Resource Management

Water Resources Manager Judy Sventek 651-602-1156
Water Resources Assistant Manager Dan Henely 651-602-8085
...Lake Monitoring Brian Johnson 651-602-8743
...River Monitoring John (Jack) Barland 651-602-8341
...Streams Monitoring (click for specific streams) Casandra Champion
Scott Haire
Matt Loyas 
...WWTP Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Testing Tim Pattock 651-602-8084
Water Supply Planning Ali Elhassan 651-602-1066
Watershed Management Coordination Judy Sventek
Joe Mulcahy

Industrial Waste and Pollution Prevention (IWPP)

Spills or Emergencies MN State Duty Officer 651-649-5451
Short-Term Industrial Discharge Requests
- <12 months discharge requests
Tim Rothstein 651-602-4724
Long-Term Industrial Discharge Requests
- >12 months, discharge requests
- determine the IW engineer assigned to an existing MCES permit
Michael Flaherty 651-602-4715
Industrial Discharge Permit Requests
- General information for new industrial discharge   permits
Nanette Ewald 651-602-4787
Groundwater & Leachate Discharges
- Short-term and long-term discharge requests
Michael Flaherty 651-602-4715
Liquid Waste Haulers Laura Engen 651-602-4712
Industrial Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) Nanette Ewald 651-602-4767
Enforcement Issues Peter Sandberg 651-602-8222
Industrial Online Reporting System for Industrial Discharge Reports IORS Support Team 651-602-4789
General Data Requests Martina Nelson 651-602-4728
IWPP General Information Bob Nordquist 651-602-4706
IWPP Fax Number   651-602-4730

General Manager

MCES General Manager Leisa Thompson 651-602-1131