Wastewater Service

Providing wastewater services and integrated planning to ensure sustainable water quality and water supply for the region.

The Water Resources Management Policy Plan contains guidelines for developing and maintaining service systems that support development and for which the Council has some statutory responsibility, including wastewater service.

The metropolitan wastewater collection and treatment system is a critical element in the region's future development. The Policy Plan sets the Council's direction for working with Rural Growth Centers and rural areas on wastewater collection and treatment issues. In order to accommodate its projected population growth, the region will need to invest $3.7 billion to maintain, replace and expand its wastewater treatment facilities (including interceptors and treatment plants) in the next 25 years.

Careful planning of the region's largest wastewater collection and treatment system results in the most efficient use of major public investments and protects public health.

Aerial view of the Hastings Plant.