MCES Customer Portal

The Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) Customer Portal is an online location for communities to obtain metered flow data and Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) program-related information. It supports our customer level of service by improving communication and service to the communities we serve. 
MCES Customer Portal

MCES Customer Portal

Visit the portal and set up an account. Users can access a beta version of the portal and provide input for future enhancements and capabilities.

Portal Benefits

  • Customizable data dashboard allows for a quick view of flow data that may be useful for planning and prioritizing system upgrades.
  • Download data on demand with an intuitive, easy process that provides timely, accurate data
  • Submit I/I program information, including work plans and credits, to track I/I work, and keep a record of past expenses
  • Useful links, I/I outreach resources, and more

Program Drivers

Allow customers access to flow data and I/I program information
Provide customers access to local public outreach materials
Build and strengthen customer relationships
Offer a means of streamlined communication
Customer Portal
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