Regional Parks

Residents treasure nationally renowned parks system

New in August 2020: A draft amendment to the parks plan

The Met Council proposes to add, modify, or expand 26 parks and trails to the regional parks system, and add new policies. An overview of the proposed update to the 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan has background and a summary of the significant plan changes.

The Twin Cities metropolitan area is home to a regional parks and trails system that is nationally renowned for its beauty, size, and variety of features.

With 56 regional parks and park reserves totaling more than 54,000 acres, nearly 400 miles of interconnected trails, and 8 special recreation features, the system provides a wealth of opportunities for recreation, exercise, gatherings, and solitude. Our regional parks and park reserves also protect significant green space and wildlife habitat.

The regional parks system draws more than 63 million visits every year — more than the Mall of America. It adds untold value to the livability and attractiveness of our communities.

The Met Council is charged under state law with overseeing the acquisition and development of the regional parks system. We work in partnership with 10 city, county, and special park districts who own and operate the parks and trails to create and maintain one of our region’s greatest assets.

During the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, regional parks and trails remain open for your enjoyment. Park facilities – such as restrooms, buildings, and playgrounds – may be closed; please check the park's website before you visit. Keep yourself and others safe by maintaining physical distance.