INTERNSHIPS & Urban Scholars

The Met Council's Internship and Urban Scholars programs educate and mentor interns through professional, on-the-job training and development.

Participants receive an hourly salary. Most interns work full-time during the summer, and some opportunities continue part-time through the school year.

Program dates

The 12-week programs begin each summer in late May and end in mid-August. Summer 2021 position applications have closed.

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Our internship program offers a well-rounded experience for students seeking an opportunity to advance their learning with hands-on projects.

Internships give students a new perspective on public service while developing themselves professionally through exposure to their field and networking with others in the organization. Interns are a valuable asset to our teams because they use their knowledge and skills to help solve challenges that our region faces. Whether they are out on a construction site, in the lab, or in the office, their work at the Met Council matters.

We provide the learning resources, trainings, and mentorship needed to help interns succeed in their assignments. Our interns receive an hourly salary, with most working full-time during the summer. Some positions have part-time work during the school year.

Urban Scholar  EmployeesUrban Scholars Leadership and Professional Development Program

The Urban Scholars Program is a leadership and professional development internship program providing college students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds with distinctive professional experience. The program is focused on essential leadership skills and creating resume-building career pathways, training the next generation of leaders.

Scholars spend four days a week working on meaningful projects and work assignments alongside organizational leaders. One day a week, Scholars come together as a cohort to learn and practice skills in leadership, professional development, small groups, and public speaking.

Urban Scholars is a multijurisdictional program with many host agencies across the metro area. See the City of Minneapolis's page about partner organizations.

Students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply to the program.
Urban Scholars logo, which has a blue graduation cap above the first A.


  • Must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program (associate's or bachelor's or master's) or be a recent graduate (within 12 months from posting date) from a degree program (associate's or bachelor's or master's).
  • Must be a citizen or national of the United States; a lawful, permanent resident; or have authorization to work in the United States. (Documentation to verify employment eligibility will be required at the time of employment.)