Planning for 2050

The Metropolitan Council has already begun working on the 2050 Regional Development Guide, based on the 2020 counts from the U.S. Census, local comprehensive plans, and ongoing planning efforts.

The Regional Development Guide will be informed by the values and desired future outcomes articulated in the comprehensive plans of the communities in the Twin Cities metropolitan region. We plan for our region to thrive, partnering with local governments to build a prosperous future.

To begin that conversation, the Met Council is facilitating the regional vision and values conversation to establish clarity and direction for regional policy development. It will also establish a working set of values, a regional vision statement, and high-level outcomes to inform the Regional Development Guide and related systems and policy plans.

Among the key topics and areas of uncertainty: climate, population growth, affordable housing, where people want to live and work, where businesses want to locate, public health, economic growth, public funding (all levels, relevant impacts and availability), and addressing disparities, telework, and related regional economic issues.

This vision and values conversation is the beginning of regional policy development. Your voices matter! Tell us what values inform the Twin Cities region you imagine for future generations.

There are many more conversations to come that will further inform our outcomes for the region over the next 30 years.