Livable Communities Grants

Investing in community vitality

The 1995 Livable Communities Act (LCA) funds community investment that revitalizes economies, creates affordable housing, and links different land uses and transportation. LCA’s voluntary, incentive-based approach leverages partnerships and shared resources to help communities achieve their regional and local goals. See Livable Communities Program Facts.

We award 4 types of grants to communities:

Livable Communities Demonstration Account (LCDA)

Supports innovative development and redevelopment that links housing, jobs and services and demonstrates efficient and cost-effective use of land and infrastructure. More about LCDA grants.

Local Housing Incentives Account (LHIA)

Produces and preserves affordable housing choices for low to moderate incomes. More about LHIA grants.

Tax Base Revitalization Account (TBRA)

Cleans up contaminated sites for redevelopment that creates jobs and/or produces affordable housing. More about TBRA grants.

Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Catalyzes development around light rail, commuter rail and high frequency bus stations. More about TOD grants.

2020 funding 

The Metropolitan Council has approved the 2020 Fund Distribution Plan making the following amounts available in each grant category:

  • LCDA: $9 million, including up to $500,000 for pre-development
  • LCDA-TOD: $5 million, including up to $500,000 for pre-development
  • LHIA: $4.5 million
  • TBRA: $5.75 million
  • TBRA SEED: $250,000

Who can apply?

Developers or individuals cannot apply, or be, Met Council grantees. However, developers are encouraged to partner with eligible applicants to submit applications.