Resource Library

The LCA Resource Library offers a variety of resources to help you best meet LCA goals. Within each category there is a mix of toolkits, case studies, general tips, and links to external sources that may be helpful as you complete your application. Contact a program officer if you have questions about any of the resources in the library or are looking for resources on a topic that is not covered here.


  • Thrive MSP 2040 
    Guiding planning vision for the seven-county metro region

  • Choice, Place, and Opportunity 
    Overview of existing regional disparities and guidance on achieving more equitable access and outcomes

  • Housing Policy Plan
    Council overview of regional housing needs and challenges, affordability priorities, and expanding housing choice

  • Transportation Policy Plan 
    Guiding planning documents for highway, transit, bike and pedestrian, freight, aviation transportation as well as environmental justice and air quality considerations

  • Water Resources Policy Plan 
    Guidance on integrating planning for wastewater, water supply, and surface water management

  • Regional Parks Policy Plan 
    Guiding document directing regional park and trail development, providing equitable access, and system expansions