Apply for LCA Grants

Apply online using WebGrants


How do I apply?

  • All TBRA, LCDA, and TOD grant applications must be made using WebGrants, the Council's online grants management system.  

  • LHIA applications will continue to be made through Minnesota Housing.

Using WebGrants

WebGrants questions and form fields are similar to previous paper applications, with point-and-click functionality familiar to most people.

Registering for WebGrants

You must register to obtain access to the system. The registration process has two parts:

  • After reading the WebGrants Quick Tips Guide, go to the WebGrants homepage and click on "Register Now".

  • Your registration will prompt an automatic email to Council staff, who will review and approve your registration. 

NOTE: If you work directly for the city, county, or development/housing/port authority that is applying for funds, plan on four business hours' turnaround to have your registration approved. If you are an independent grant writer working on behalf of a city, county or authority, plan on at least a full business day for this process, to allow the Council to get confirmation from the city, county or authority. 

Collaborating in WebGrants

Do you need ‚Äčto work with other people while developing your grant application? It's easy in WebGrants.  See detailed instructions.


Email is the best contact as staff are currently working from home