Livable Communities Act Grant Programs

About the Livable Communities Act (LCA) Programs

There are several different grant programs within the Livable Communities Act, each program supporting different kinds of projects. All the programs share the goals of creating more housing choice, supporting living wage jobs, improving connections, and achieving more equitable development outcomes.
  • LHIA: Affordable housing
  • LHIA Affordable Homeownership Pilot: Affordable homeownership
  • Pre-Development: Early project support
  • Policy: City-wide policy development
  • LCDA: Housing, jobs, and efficient Growth
  • TOD: Transit Oriented Development
  • TBRA: Contamination cleanup
The program pages offer all the information you will need to apply. Find the program you are looking for on the left side navigation.

Because all applications must come from a government organization, we offer specific tips for developers and community organizations on the Developers page.
Reach out to the Program Coordinator with any questions you have about the programs, if your project is eligible, and how to apply.