Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Grants

Focus on increasing transit use

The Livable Communities Demonstration Account Transit-Oriented Development (LCDA-TOD) grants are a category within the LCDA program which fund innovative (re)development projects that efficiently link housing, jobs, and services with a greater emphasis on transit use, walkability, and development intensity in order to catalyze transit-oriented development along transit corridors throughout the metropolitan area.

What makes a Livable Transit-Oriented Community?

The Council’s LCDA-TOD grants promote moderate- to higher-density development located within easy walking distance of a major transit stop, that typically include a mix of uses such as housing, jobs, and retail choices. LCDA-TOD projects are expected to diversify uses and provide a higher concentration of amenities in a compact built environment within transit station areas contributing to high-quality, pedestrian-oriented streets and public spaces encouraging the use of transit service. Through a focus on transit-oriented development, the Council aims to integrate transportation, jobs and housing, leverage private investment, advance equity, and increase transit ridership.

TOD Pre-Development and Zoning

2020 TOD Pre-Development and Zoning Implementation Application Guide (PDF)

  • May 1, 3:00 p.m. - TOD Pre-Development Spring Round applications due
  • June - Council will award Spring Round Pre-Development grants
  • November 2, 3:00 p.m. - TOD Pre-Development Fall Round applications due
  • December - Council awards Fall Round Pre-Development grants

Projects requesting LCDA-TOD Pre-Development and Zoning Implementation grants must be located within any one of the LCDA-TOD Development grant Eligible Areas described below, or within ½ mile of a station on the Rush Line or Riverview Corridor. Use the Council’s Make-a-Map web tool to ensure that the TOD project is located within a TOD eligible area. To identify TOD Eligible Areas, select the “Layers Tab” and select “TOD Grant Areas.”

TOD Development

2020 TOD Development Application Guide (PDF)

  • July 1, 3:00 p.m. - Full applications due for TOD Development
  • July-August - Council staff conducts Step 1 review
  • September - Livable Communities Advisory Committee conducts Step 2 review
  • October - Metropolitan Council awards TOD Development grants​

Projects requesting LCDA-TOD Development grant funding must be located within a TOD Eligible area, which is within ½ mile of a station on the: Blue, Green, Blue and Green extensions, Orange, Gold, or Red Line, the A, C, or D Line, the Northstar Line or a high-frequency express bus station. Areas within ¼ mile of local express routes are also eligible. Use the Council’s Make-a-Map web tool to ensure that the TOD project is located within a TOD eligible area. To identify TOD Eligible Areas, select the “Layers Tab” and select “TOD Grant Areas.”

Apply for LCA Grants

Apply online via Webgrants

Design Excellence Workshops

The Council sponsors optional design excellence workshops in which a panel of design professionals offer input on projects before a full application is submitted.

Contact us

Email is the best contact as staff are currently working from home
  • TOD Program Officer: Stephen Klimek (651-602-1541) or