Transit Link

Dial-a-ride small bus service

  • Bikes are welcome on all Transit Link buses.  Customers are responsible for ensuring bikes are safely stowed.
  • Transit Link will accept fare tickets through June 30, 2017. Go-To cards with stored value and cash will continue to be the accepted form of payment.

About Transit Link

Transit Link is the Twin Cities dial-a-ride small bus service for the general public, where regular route transit service is not available.  Transit Link is for trips that can’t be accomplished on regular transit routes alone, and may combine regular route and Transit Link service.
  • Call 651.602.LINK (5465) to reserve a ride.

  • Any member of the general public may reserve a ride for any purpose, based on availability.

  • Transit Link augments regular transit routes and is available in areas that don’t have frequent regular transit routes.

  • Riders will be able to transfer between service areas, and between Transit Link and regular transit routes.

  • Transit Link service is available throughout the 7-county metropolitan area. See individual county pages for details on service areas and hours.

Facts about Transit Link.

Transit Link service details

Call 651.602.LINK (5465) to reserve a ride.  Reservation staff can help you schedule your trip, and guide you through options.

Transit Link service details by area.



  • Fares are based on the distance traveled.

  • A trip less than 10 miles is $2.25 each way, between 10 and 20 miles is $4.50 each way, and more than 20 miles is $6.75 each way.

  • ADA-certified riders pay a maximum of $4.50 per direction. Group discounts are available.

  • Transfers are free (unless transferring to Northstar or peak express service).

More information

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New Braille Guide

    The Transit Link Rider Guide is available in Braille.

Please Note

    Transit Link is a curb to curb (on street) service and buses are not allowed to pull into residential driveways.

Language Line

    Language Line over-the-phone interpretation service is now available. Please contact the service provider in your area for more details.