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Metropolitan Council Environmental Services

Clean water and a clean environment are essential to a healthy life, and the Metropolitan Council is committed to both.

Our Environmental Services division is nationally renowned for its superior work treating wastewater, monitoring air and water quality, and planning for a long-range water supply to meet future demand.

We provide wastewater services and integrated planning to ensure sustainable water quality and water supply for the region. We consistently achieve near-perfect compliance with federal and state water discharge standards while holding rates 40% below the national average — and significantly reducing purchased energy costs.

Our Environment Committee addresses issues of sewer policy and planning, environmental reviews, wastewater facilities and treatment, water supply, nonpoint source pollution, and federal and state regulations.

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Sewer Availability Charge information, resources, and forms for local government and business owners.
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Inflow and Infiltration program information for local government and property owners.

MCES Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The MCES Customer Portal is a centralized online location for communities to obtain metered flow data and Inflow & Infiltration (I/I) program-related information.



Environmental Information Management System (EIMS), including information on lakes, rivers, and streams for the region.

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