Transportation Services

Providing innovative, safe, and efficient transit services

Our transit services connect residents to key destinations. Whether traveling to work, school, sports and arts venues, or medical appointments, our customers rely on the efficient, accessible, top-quality rail and bus services provided by Metro Transit, Metro Mobility, and Transit Link, and Metro Vanpool.

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Metro Transit

Join the community of satisfied customers who boarded Metro Transit express and local buses, light rail and commuter rail more than 81 million times in the last year. 
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Metro Mobility

If you’re unable to use regular transit services because of a disability or health condition, you may be eligible to ride on Metro Mobility, a shared transit service that connects people to any regional destination. 
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Transit Link

Transit Link is general public dial-a-ride service that requires a reservation. This curb-to-curb transit service is provided in areas of the seven-county region not served by regular transit route service.
Other regional transit providers

Other regional transit providers

Along with the services provided through the Metropolitan Council, several other providers operate transit service in the region. The size, geographic service area, and service types of these providers vary, but the Metropolitan Council works with each provider to ensure the transit system is integrated in addressing the region’s needs.

Meet the staff who support transportation planning and transit services

It takes a lot of committed people, with a variety of skills and expertise, to plan our transportation system and operate our transit services. See brief video interviews with a few staff who work to keep transportation working smoothly across the region.


See videos with transportation planning, Metro Mobility, and Transit Link staff

Collage of MTS staff featuredin Council Closeup videos

See videos with Metro Transit staff

Collage of  Metro Transit staff photos and link to video interviews.