Transportation Funding & Grants

Planning and building a 21st century transportation system

A cost-effective, world-class transportation system is vital to a thriving, competitive regional economy. The Met Council is the region’s federally-designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and with its partners on the Transportation Advisory Board, plays an essential role in ensuring public resources are invested wisely to advance economic growth.

Improving regional mobility

Counties, communities, and transit providers may apply to the Met Council for federal funding for transportation infrastructure and services:

  • Regional Solicitation — Supports locally-initiated highway, road, transit, and other transportation improvements in the seven-county metro area

Federal grants management

The Met Council receives federal funding to support locally planned, constructed, and operated public transportation systems, and is responsible for managing projects supported by these funds according to federal requirements. More about federal funding for local transportation projects.

Right-of-Way Acquisition Loan Fund

This revolving loan fund program was established to acquire undeveloped property for planned metropolitan highway right of way. More about the Right-of-Way Acquisition Loan Fund (RALF).

Allocation of state funding