Regional Solicitation

The Regional Solicitation process allocates federal transportation funds to locally-initiated projects to meet regional transportation needs. As the region’s federally-designated Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Council works with the Transportation Advisory Board to review and allocate these funds, using an objective, data-driven, transparent process.

Preparation for the 2018 Regional Solicitation

DRAFT 2018 Regional Solicitation released for Public Comment
The Draft 2018 Regional Solicitation for the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBGP) and the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) was adopted by the Transportation Advisory Board on November 15, 2017. The Transportation Advisory Board adopted the draft and received receiving public comment on the draft solicitation criteria and measures. 

Major changes proposed in the 2018 Regional Solicitation

  1. Approved allocating a minimum of $10 million to the Bridge Rehabilitation/Replacement application category, with this money coming out of funding for Roadways Including Multimodal Elements.
  2. Increased the maximum federal award for Travel Demand Management (TDM).
  3. Mandated that sponsoring agencies with greater than 50 employees are, at a minimum, working toward completing its Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan.
  4. Required that each transit application must show independent utility and the points awarded in the application should only account for the improvements listed in the application.
  5. Incorporated regional prioritization studies into the project scoring including the Principal Arterial Intersection Conversion Study, Congestion Management and Safety Plan IV, and Regional Truck Corridor Study.
  6. Made improvements to the equity measure that address public outreach and mitigation of potential negative externalities.
  7. Allowed flexibility for scoring committees to deviate from the scoring guidance when they are able to convey a sound rationale to the Funding & Programming Committee.
  8. Approved revised weighting for critiera and measures (5 pages, 398KB  pdf).
Please refer to the Regional Solicitation Overview page for additional general information.
General questions about the Regional Solicitation can be directed to Elaine Koutsoukos-TAB Coordinator