Applying for Regional Solicitation funds

Instructions and resources for applicants

Before you apply

  1. Review Regional Solicitation Introduction and Qualifying Criteria.
  2. Review the sample application forms and start collecting the required data and letters of support. Applicants should request the MnDOT letter of support by April 24, 2020, from Molly McCartney (  and Crash data should be requested by May 7th, 2020. This will guarantee that the documentation is available before the applications are due.  Resources are linked on the right.
  3. Review training materials and online videos prior to logging onto the WebGrants system. 
Sample applications

Blank sample applications can assist applicants in preparing their application PRIOR to accessing the online system. These files are provided as reference ONLY!  All applications must be submitted using the online application software.

Getting started

Step 1: Register to use the online application system

All applicants and their consultants must register prior to accessing the new WebGrants online application. Consultants working for an applicant must register for an account set up and be approved by the applicant. Once you register, your account will be ready within 2 business days.

Step 2: Generate maps - 

Maps must be generated for each project application PRIOR to applying (Step 3).  Applicants must attach the maps they create to their application.

Step 3: Log in to the online application system

Please review the WebGrants User Guide (pdf) before logging in. The system gives applicants significant feedback on the status of grants as they are completed.

Resources for applicants

Video tutorials

See brief tutorials on getting started, logging on, funding opportunities, colleaboration settings,  and mapping.