2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan

The 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan outlines the Metropolitan Council's goals and strategies for the development of our world-class regional parks. It describes how the regional parks system will be developed and operated to support Thrive MSP 2040 goals.

The Met Council adopted the current plan in 2020 after a region-wide discussion about regional park and trail system additions in 2019. This update includes 26 regional parks and trails additions or expansions, as well as new policy language to strengthen equitable access and a new future study on the history of the land where the parks and trails are located, among other updates.

Public comments shaped the update. The Public Comment Summary Report includes a summary of the public comments received, staff responses to the comments, and a summary of the public engagement pilot that engaged underserved youth and outdoor recreation organizations.

2020 update to the Parks Policy Plan

Other regional plans

The regional development guide, Thrive MSP 2040, sets the policy foundations for systems and policy plans developed by the Council. In addition to the parks policy plan, see: