Planning & building a 21st century transportation system

A financially sustainable, world-class transportation system is vital for a thriving Twin Cities regional economy.

The Metropolitan Council is responsible for ensuring that transportation infrastructure equitably meets the demands of our residents as the region grows, and plays two central roles in regional transportation:
  • As the region's federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Council works with local, state and federal policymakers to plan for and anticipate the transportation needs of our growing region.
  • As the region's primary regional transit services provider, the Council works with partners to build and operate a 21st century bus and rail system. Customers rely on the Council's transportation services to meet their daily transportation needs.
The Council's Transportation Committee addresses transportation and aviation policy and planning, transit operations, Metro Mobility and ride-sharing programs. 

Meet Transportation staff

See "Council Closeups" -  video interviews with Council staff who support transportation planning and services.

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Economic Growth

Dedicated transit corridors attract new economic investments
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Easing Congestion

Transit relieves congestion for all highway and road users
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Improving Mobility

Transit provides essential mobility for workers, businesses and students

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