Wastewater & Water Services

Wastewater collection & treatment

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services operates and maintains the wastewater collection and treatment system in the Twin Cities metropolitan region. It also provides coordinated, long-range water supply planning to meet future needs.

MCES treatment plants process about 250 million gallons of wastewater every day from more than two million residents in 109 communities across the region. Wastewater in conveyed to treatment plants through 600 miles of large  interceptor sewer pipes that collect the flow from local municipal sewers.

The wastewater treated at each plant flows back into regional rivers in much cleaner condition than the river itself. All MCES plants consistently achieve 99% of their federal and state permit requirements.

LINK: How storm water affects the sanitary sewers.

Regional wastewater treatment is paying off. Area rivers now support a diversity of aquatic life and waterways are once again suitable for fishing, boating and other recreation.

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