The Metropolitan Council develops a regional vision and a plan for growth. We work to achieve goals that are too big for a single community but possible to accomplish as a region. We make strategic, efficient public investments to support our region’s high quality of life, economic competitiveness, and sustainability. See how our investments in transit, parks, cities and towns, clean water, and housing benefit communities throughout the region.

Long-range development plan and regional policy plans

Our long-range development plan — Thrive MSP 2040 — sets the direction and policies for the region’s future growth and development. Thrive MSP 2040 addresses issues that transcend any one neighborhood, city, or county, as we build and maintain a thriving metropolitan region. Our regional investments provide an important economic foundation so all residents can prosper.

Transportation, jobs, community development, affordable housing — these are the bricks-and-mortar basics that make other things possible. Thrive MSP 2040 sets the policy foundations for systems and policy plans we develop:

Regional Economic Framework

The Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Regional Economic Framework provides a shared vision for the Twin Cities region to lead the world in inclusive economic growth by welcoming all voices, empowering talent, and igniting innovation. The framework is a collaborative effort between the Met Council, Greater MSP, and the Center for Economic Inclusion to position the region to be eligible for funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

Aligning community and regional plans

Cities, townships, and counties in the seven-county metro area prepare comprehensive plans as required by state law under the Metropolitan Land Planning Act. They coordinate their comprehensive plans with the Met Council’s regional plans to achieve efficient growth and meet the needs of their residents.

We partner with communities by coordinating the review of local comprehensive land use plans and environmental documents, providing professional planning and technical assistance, offering assistance to implement local plans and programs, and helping resolve issues. Find more about our role in community planning assistance.

We also have a robust research team that compiles and analyzes data about the region’s demographics, economy, development trends, and Census information, and produces forecasts of the region’s population, households, and jobs. Our trusted, useful information advances planning for a better Twin Cities region.