2050 Housing Policy Plan

Metropolitan Council Community Development

The Metropolitan Council is updating its long-range Housing Policy Plan to help the region plan for future development and housing needs. In 2015, the Met Council adopted the current 2040 Housing Policy Plan, the first in nearly 30 years, to assist local communities in planning for and creating options that give people of all income and life stages viable choices for safe, stable, and affordable homes. The updated 2050 Housing Policy Plan will be adopted by the beginning of 2025.

Planning for the future of our region’s housing

The Housing Policy Plan is the Met Council’s guiding document to implementing housing policy. The plan addresses housing challenges that impact the region as a whole and strives to provide innovative strategies to collaboratively undertake the complex housing issues of the region’s future. Local governments play a vital role in implementing regional policy goals and priorities within their local housing markets in ways that best suit their communities. Taking a regional, integrated approach to housing policy, the Housing Policy Plan will cover both statutory responsibilities and local opportunities to cultivate safe, affordable, and secure housing opportunities for the future of the region.

Timeline and community engagement

This plan is created through policy research, community engagement, and the drafting and adoption of housing policy. From now through 2025, we will research, draft, and gather feedback for the plan. Met Council staff are working with community organizations and residents via interactive community exchange sessions through Fall 2023.


2022 4th quarter to 2023 2nd quarter


  • Scoping Project
  • Staffing
  • Key Data Points
  • Identify Necessities
  • Draft Engagement Plan


2023 3rd quarter to 2023 4th quarter

  • Community Exchange Sessions
  • Focus Group
  • Policy Development


2023 4th quarter to 2024 2nd quarter

  • Plan Development
  • Research and Writing
  • Draft


2024 2nd quarter to 2024 4th quarter


  • Final Draft
  • Plan Complete
  • Public Comment Period
  • Plan Refinement
  • Council Approval

Housing Policy Plan Technical Advisory Group

The initial community engagement will be followed by more topic-specific sessions with a Housing Policy Plan Technical Advisory Group. These engagement meetings provide an opportunity for Met Council staff to share proposed policy and to listen to residents, local government partners, developers, and community organizations about the complex housing concerns that should be addressed in this plan.

Through the remainder of 2023, we will continue to engage our Council members, partner organizations, and residents with the work. In early 2024, Met Council staff will formally begin drafting the plan. Public comment and finalization of the 2050 plan policies is scheduled to occur in late 2024, with the Met Council ideally adopting the plan by March 2025.

Emerging policy areas

The Housing Policy Plan provides foundations for innovative strategies and policies that guide local communities to provide necessary housing opportunities to meet current and projected local and regional housing needs. While some of these policies and topics are already part of the 2040 Housing Policy plan, several policy topics have emerged over the course of the last decade as important to our region's housing needs. The Metropolitan Council has begun conducting research and engagement to further explore the following policy areas deeper for the future of our region:

Housing Policy Contacts

Hilary Lovelace
Housing Planning Analyst
[email protected]
Olivia Boerschinger
Senior Housing Planner
[email protected]
Maia Guerrero-Combs
Senior Housing Planner
[email protected]