Affordable Housing Measures: Need, Goals, and Survey

Three measures that inform regional and local housing policy

While the Met Council provides a variety of demographic research and analysis useful for understanding the region's housing landscape, the future affordable housing need, Livable Communities Act (LCA) goals, and Housing Performance Scores are the main measures used by the Council to work with communities to address affordable housing.

Read more about affordable housing in the Twin Cities region in this one-page summary (PDF)

Understanding NEED, GOALS, and the SURVEY

These three critical measures of regional housing policy are distinct but sometimes confused — check out these overviews to learn more about NEED, GOALS, and the SURVEY.

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Communities' share of the region's projected need for affordable housing over the next decade
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Highlighting communities' efforts around affordable housing opportunities
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An aspirational but realistic number of new affordable housing units to build by 2020

Existing Housing Assessments

An Existing Housing Assessment is not a comprehensive picture of a community's housing stock but it is a useful starting point to understanding a community's housing needs. The data include:

  • affordability level of existing housing units
  • tenure
  • housing types
  • publicly subsidized units
  • housing cost burdened households

For community-specific data, visit the Local Planning Handbook's Community Pages. We've compiled the Existing Housing Assessment data for every county, city and township into one file (Excel file).