Housing Performance SCORES

Recognizing communities for their efforts around affordable housing

Housing Performance Scores (SCORES) assess and recognize local efforts in developing and maintaining housing affordable to low- and moderate-income households through a variety of programs and services. SCORES affect a city’s competitiveness for regionally allocated federal transportation funding and funding through Livable Communities Grant programs

  • Livable Communities Demonstration Account
  • Tax Base Revitalization Account
  • Local Housing Incentives Account

SCORES are based in the information collected through the Council's Affordable Housing Production Survey. This data is useful for understanding how cities are addressing their housing needs.

How we calculate the SCORE

SCORES are calculated annually for every city and township in the Twin Cities region. As a result of the policy development that created the 2040 Housing Policy Plan, the Council updated the methodology for calculating the SCORE and revised the annual Affordable Housing Production Survey. 

SCORES are based on a community's activities in the following categories: 

  • New affordable or mixed-income housing completed in the last ten years;
  • Preservation projects completed in the last seven years and/or substantial rehabilitation projects completed in the last three years;
  • Housing policies and ordinances; and
  • Characteristics of the existing housing stock.

Read the full methodology in the current Guidelines for Priority Funding for Housing Performance (pdf).