Housing Policy and Production Survey

Recognizing communities for their efforts around affordable housing

Housing Performance Scores (SCORES) assess and recognize local efforts in developing and maintaining housing affordable to low- and moderate-income households through a variety of programs and services.

SCORES are based on the information collected through an online survey of regional jurisdictions. The data is useful for understanding how cities are addressing their housing needs.

How we calculate the SCORE

SCORES are calculated annually for every city and township in the Twin Cities region. As a result of the policy development that created them2040 Housing Policy Plan, the Met Council updated the methodology for calculating the SCORE and revised the annual Affordable Housing Production Survey.

SCORES are based on a city or townships's activities in the following categories:

  • New affordable or mixed-income housing completed in the last ten years;
  • Preservation projects completed in the last seven years and/or substantial rehabilitation projects completed in the last three years;
  • Housing policies and ordinances;
  • Local or County expenditure of Affordable and Life-Cycle Housing Opportunities Amount (ALHOA); and
  • Shelter and supportive housing stock

Why complete your SCORE

The 2021 SCORE survey is expected to open in mid-May and close in mid-June 2021.

  1. Cities and townships that participate in LCA are required to report annual ALHOA spent; our survey is a tool to collect that information and complete that requirement.
  2. The 2021 SCORE is likely to be used in the 2022 Regional Solicitation for Transportation Funding awards.
  3. The information collected in the SCORE survey is the best information we have in the region about affordable housing construction. The Met Council and others rely on this data to fulfill our statutory requirements, and to make regional planning and policy decisions, direct our technical assistance efforts, and share affordable housing successes across the region.