Funding & Finance

MCES rate policies

Rates reflect cost of service

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services sets municipal wastewater and industrial rates based on what it costs us to provide the service. Our rate system is equitable across the region and supports economic development.

Communities pay for the wastewater flow originating within their borders. New users pay for the capacity they demand through a sewer availability charge (SAC). Industries pay for the cost of treating their higher-strength discharges through a strength charge. Haulers pay for wastewater loads based on the cost of receiving and treating the loads.

When we propose changes to SAC or other fees we engage our customer communities. We hold stakeholder meetings and a public hearing, and give at least three months’ notice before we implement changes. We sometimes establish a task force or work group to explore issues and make recommendation(s) to the Council.

The Council has final approval of all recommendations.

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