Available Funding/Grants

MCES funding and grant programs

Manufactured Home Park Preservation Equity Grant

The Metropolitan Council is offering a single grant of up to $250,000 as part of a pilot program to assist a manufactured home park in the region to connect to the regional wastewater collection and treatment system. The grant funds must be matched one-to-one and used to defray the cost of the regional Sewer Availability Charge (SAC).

Three manufactured housing parks are eligible based on their ability to connect to the regional wastewater system in the near future.

The deadline for applications is June 16, 2017.

See the Notice of Funding Availability (PDF).

Inflow/Infiltration Grant Programs

The 2017 Municipal I/I Grant Program consists of $8.739M in bonding bill funding for the purpose of providing grants to municipalities for capital improvements to public infrastructure to mitigate I/I. Additional documents and information on the grant program can be found below:

2017 Municipal Grant Requirements and Grant Design Guidelines (WORD)

Required Attachments for the 2017 I&I Grant Program

The following items are required for submittal to the 2017 I&I Grant program:

  1. Cost Verification & Jobs Reporting Form (MS Word)
  2. One of the following that applies to your city's property situation (PDF)
    1. Attachment 1: DECLARATION of Real Property, and Attachment II
    2. Attachment 1-A (preferred): CERTIFICATION pursuant to Waiver of Real Property Declaration for projects located under any right of way, and Exhibit A (map showing work completed)
  3. City resolution authorizing application and execution of the Grant agreement
  4. A detailed breakdown of actual expenditures that tie-out to project costs sited in the Cost Verification Form. (MCES may request additional documentation to verify expenditures.)
  5. Invoices or other documents that substantiate the cost of work completed

Demonstration Project Grant

This grant is for a community to complete repairs to both public and private infrastructure and study the results. The total award is up to $500,000 and the application requires a proposal that meets the criteria found here: RFP Demonstration Project. Applications are due by August 31, 2018.