Water Efficiency Grant Program

Clan Water Land & Legacy LogoThe Metropolitan Council has been awarded funds from the Minnesota Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment to provide grants to communities to support the purchase and installation of products that reduce water use.

Cities and townships served by a municipal water supply system can receive grants between $5,000 and $50,000 to reduce costs for residents, commercial properties, and government facilities that purchase and install replacement water-efficient products. Eligible purchases include toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, irrigation systems, and more.

Key criteria for grant eligibility

Grants are awarded to municipalities for providing rebates or grants to property owners who purchase products labeled WaterSense or ENERGY STAR®.

  • Applicants must be served by a municipal water supply system
  • Replacement appliances only; new construction and developments are ineligible
  • Portion of cost must be paid by the property owner
  • Funds are for rebates and grants only; consulting and staff time are ineligible
  • Grant recipients must display the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment logo and Metropolitan Council logo on program-related web pages and other communications

If funds requested exceed funds available, the following criteria will be used to determine the amount granted to a given municipality.

  • Municipalities with identified water supply issues in the Master Water Supply Plan Community Profiles or Local Water Supply Plans
  • Ratio of peak monthly water use to winter monthly water use
  • Average residential per capita water use
  • Order in which applications are received and until grant funds are completely committed

Local program design

Municipalities are responsible for the design and operation of their rebate or grant program and its details. Met Council grant funds will cover 80% of program costs, with a required 20% local government match. Residents must pay a portion of the cost of any device or water use audit they purchase.

Eligible expenses for 2024-2026

  • Toilet replacement
  • Irrigation controller replacement
  • Irrigation spray sprinkler body replacement
  • Irrigation system audit
  • Clothes washing machine replacement
  • Residential dishwasher replacement
  • Showerhead replacement

Program outcomes

The Met Council created the water efficiency grant program in 2015 to help growing communities reduce water consumption and future infrastructure costs. The number of grant applicants and recipients has grown over time, as has the funding.

  2015 – 2017 2019 – 2022 2022 – 2024
Grant funding $500,000 total $750,000 total $1,250,000 total
($250,000 for equity pilot project with Saint Paul Regional Water Services)
Participants 19 municipalities 37 municipalities 37 municipalities
Total rebates $462,243.47 $631,948.62 $652,890.50
(as of Dec. 31, 2023)
Program components 4,510 devices replaced
  • 2,380 toilets
  • 1,190 irrigation controllers
  • 940 clothes washers
4 irrigation system audits
5,683 devices replaced
  • 2,105 toilets
  • 2,127 irrigation controllers
  • 943 clothes washers
  • 508 irrigation spray sprinkler bodies
36 irrigation system audits
5,049 devices replaced
  • 1,652 toilets
  • 1,440 irrigation controllers
  • 992 clothes washers
  • 215 irrigation spray sprinkler bodies
  • 750 residential dishwashers
134 irrigation system audits
(as of Dec.31 2023)
Estimated annual water savings 52,000,000 annual gallons saved
96,800,000 annual gallons saved 59,000,000 annual gallons saved
(as of Dec.31 2023)

Total Water Efficiency Grant outcomes through Dec. 31, 2023


clothes washers replaced


toilets replaced


irrigation spray sprinkler bodies replaced


irrigation controllers


irrigation audits


residential dishwashers replaced


estimated annual gallons saved

$1.75 million

total rebates
Henry McCarthy
[email protected]